Snow Cones

Who doesn't like the cool, sweet flavors of snow cones? This classic delight, brings back the nostalgia of childhood with the multitude of current new flavors for our children!


Scratch made desserts, distinctive and imaginative gelato and CBD-infused (Cloud Cups) from the Artisan Gelato Masters at Gelat'oh! Washington DC, Philly and Houston!

The Main Event

We chose to go with a 72-hour natural bulk fermentation process. Dough made with whole wheat flours for a healthier, more digestible and flavorful pizza. Try our GLUTEN-FREE/KETO friendly Cauliflower Crust too, available in limited supply.

LOCAL SOURCED – Partnering with local farmers and Amish market vendors, to allow the flavor of the ingredients to shine through and support our communities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

With decades of hospitality and culinary experience, we want to bring the simplicity of fresh local ingredients, a burst of robust flavor and a bit of nostalgia to our DC region, served with a phenomenal professional attitude!

We’ve tasted a lot of pizza in our time, and we feel confident in saying it’s one of the better pizzas you’ll have!

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